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IT Awards 2016 of “People and Computers” for ConicIT project in Bank Hapoalim

IT Awards 2016

January 22, 2017
ConicIT congratulates Bank Hapoalim MF Infrastructure division for the successful project with ConicIT performance analytics solution, which were implemented in the bank, and won today the IT Awards 2016 of "People and Computers".

Bank Hapoalim is using ConicIT as their predictive performance solution for the IBM Mainframe environment. ConicIT leverages the banks existing Mainframe monitors making setup simple. Once installed, ConicIT automatically learned normal  Mainframe behavior   from existing monitors by applying sophisticated predictive analytics and built in performance models created by ConicIT performance experts. This machine learning technology ensure ConicIT alerts are predictive, meaningful and actionable.

ConicIT notifies the bank performance and operational teams performance anomalies before users are affected, and provides details of the issue, ConicIT enables to the bank proactively find and solve Mainframe performance problems – improving our customer experience and providing a dramatic reduction in mean time to resolution (MTTR) for performance issues.

ConicIT provides valuable real-time information, past information, and alerts about critical problems before they affect the customers and usually before peak-time, letting the  IT team much more time and information to fix the problems. If, for example, the memory consumption suddenly rises due to a bug, ConicIT recognizes it before the CICS stop functioning, and if the CPU or transaction-rate of some CICS-PLEX is getting higher than usual, ConicIT recognizes it much before any human can notice it. ConicIT can also calculate and monitor how fast some value changes in time, or combine information based on few metrics (such as ratio between variables). ConicIT is the only system today that provides such level of insight and automatic recognition of problems. It works not only in the high-level but also in the detailed such as following important processes and transactions that have direct effect on the business.

We are proud of our project results, which led Bank Hapoalim IT Awards winning for its innovative approach!

January 22, 2017