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AI.ops Real Time ​Predictive Analytics Intelligence-Driven to Mainframe Operations

As IT Manager, Perhaps It's Your Story

If You have an IBM Mainframe
More than 80% of the Business transactions rely on Data & Business Logic running on the MF
Complex Environment
to support the business goals, you have many systems and services
full Control
You may feel secured having monitored every piece of H/W, S/W and processes
Meet Your KPI's
Keep your SLA on Target →
Strobe OnDemand, DevOps ♻

BUT !!!

Can you answer these questions by a single glimpse at your systems?

Do We Have a Problem?

Is It Really OK? Expected?

At a Glance - status of all of the MF-dependant systems?

​Predictive Analytics - Abnormal growth in traffic, transactions, or load?

Are you aware of what your users are experiencing now?

How Long It Will Take to Repair?

Root Cause Analysis?

Can you draw a timeline of how the problem evolved?

Have you found the Root Cause? Are you repairing the correct problem?

Is The Data Shared With Other Teams?


Can you easily share the performance metrics with other units of your organization?

Running Strobe OnDemand?

ConicIT SEER Provides Out-Of-The-Box

AI Real Time Viewer

At a Glance

  • The status of all of the MF-dependant systems.
  • Recognize if a problem stems from systems not running on the MF.
  • Recognize whether it is abnormal growth in traffic, transactions, or load.
  • Understand if you need to take action in order to comply with an SLA.
  • Be aware of what end users are experiencing now.
  • Be prepared for emerging problems.
  • Prevent anticipated problems and solve them quickly.


Quick Analysis

  • Quick detection of performance problems and faults.
  • Quick conclusion of the Root Cause, based on the ConicIT’s ability to provide the status of your system over timeline, and crucial information for analysis of the problem.
  • Time and resources saving on detection and analysis of the problem, yielding in a better focus on the relevant team for each incident, and information on how the problem evolved and how it affected the whole environment.

Sharing Info With ALL Teams

IT DevOps

Share information and knowledge with all IT teams in the organization, by automatically sending MF performance-data to the DevOps systems of the organization (SPLUNK Integration).

Strobe OnDemand

Get detailed  information from Strobe OnDemand and SAVE MF Resources.

MF or elsewhere?

Saving time and money by recognizing whether the problem comes from MF environment or from external one.

Knowledge Manager

  • Keeping the knowledge in house
  • Improve your operational levels by keeping the knowledge and expertise in house. 
  • Embedding the knowledge of your experts in the constant analytics of your ConicIT.
  • It will result in 24/7 intelligent analysis of situations based on your experts understanding.
  • Experts are always needed, but with ConicIT SEER, your experts can have much more time in focusing on what’s important for you instead of turning off fires.



  • MTBF ↑
  • MTTR ↓
  • S/W → Costs ↓
  • Runs Outside MF
  • Knowledge In


  • Predictive Analytics
  • Self Learning
  • Real Time Alerts
  • Operational BOT
  • Root Cause Investigator


  • Real Time Viewer
  • Intelligence-Driven
  • Machine Learning
  • Problem Timeline
  • Proactive Knowledge

​Reduce Risk. Increase Production and Operational Efficiency

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