ConicIT presents an AIOps solution that automatically recognizes performance problems at their very early stages, allowing you to save valuable time, money, and most important helping you to keep performance within the required SLA levels. ConicIT is using state of the art technology in order to automatically recognize performance problems at their early stages. In contrary to traditional alerts system that are using static thresholds, ConicIT is using dynamic thresholds combined with machine learning technologies for recognizing deviations from normal behavior.
ConicIT is studying the typical behavior of your mainframe or open system per day and per hour, and can recognize when a performance problem starts to evolve. With ConicIT, you get the alert when the system still seems to be functioning well, much before the performance problems become acute, and much before it has effect on your business. Typically, when performance problem starts, it gradually affects more and more metrics, making it harder to analyze. The early detection of the problem with ConicIT along with the clear presentation of relevant information helps you to quickly find the root cause of the problem and to resolve it before it escalates.