ConicIT helps you to identify z/OS performance problems much sooner than before and helps you to dramatically reduce the time required for analyzing such problems once recognized. It has three implications:

  • Wasting less hours per month in analyzing performance problems
  • Lower MIPS consumption, due to identifying of problems you wouldn’t even notice even in the long run, and also due to solving problems at their early stages
  • Preventing downtime of your mainframe z/OS

In addition, ConicIT can also alert on PSLC terms (e.g. when the MSU of production LPAR is not high enough compared to the total usage).
ConicIT can inspect and guard on any type of variable, including (and not limited to) CPU (of any entities such as LPAR, CICS, PLEX, or started task), transaction-rate, response-time, IO-rate, memory consumption, DB2 variables, resources-wait and locks, length of queues and many more.