Conicit enables you to send specific mainframe performance data to splunk for further analysis. Mainframe splunk connectivity that is specific and efficient is a very powerful tool of conicit which can minimize the amount of data you send to splunk. Conicit is the leading tool for real time anomaly detection of mainframe performance issues. It provides smart processing of data from the monitors of your mainframe and sends automatic proactive alerts about deviations from normal behavior of your system. Now conicit presents a new powerful integration with splunk. Conicit opens a smart gateway between your mainframe and your splunk, a gateway which allows you to send only data of your choice to splunk, on top of the unique performance analytics and alerts of conicit.

With the power of big data analytical tools like splunk, corporates often face the difficulty of bringing mainframe data to their analytical tools. Conicit allows you to send the data of your choice from your mainframe to splunk. Sending all the information you need and only the information you need provides you the benefits of splunk analytics without spending your budget on storing huge amounts of data in it. Conicit brings specific mainframe

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Conic it brings mainframe performance data to splunk in an efficient way

In addition for analyzing your mainframe performance data and sending alerts on abnormal situations, ConicIT can send the data for further analysis by Splunk. ConicIT is efficient and specific, so it’s sending only the specific information that you want there.

After ConicIT sent the specific performance data to Splunk, you can further analyze it in Splunk with all the tools that it provides.


State of the art proven system for perfomance anomaly detection

ConicIT is constantly reading thousands of performance metrics from your mainframe monitors, analyzing them, and applying unique machine learning algorithms for studying and predicting the normal behavior of the metrics at each day and hour. Based on these algorithms ConicIT recognizes when something goes wrong, and sends proactive alerts about performance issues much before they affect your business. Along with the alerts, ConicIT provides information which allows you to quickly trace the problems and to quickly solve them.

No agent is required

ConicIT is connecting to your mainframe as a user with limited permissions, through TN3270 protocol, and reading information directly from your monitors (TMON, Sysview, Omegamon, MainView, TSO, and others). No agent is installed on your mainframe.

Analyzing performace without affecting performance

ConicIT is installed on an off-system Linux server (available also for zLinux), and only interact with the monitors on your mainframe, thus the effect of ConicIT on your mainframe is similar for the effect of regular user paging through specific pages in the monitors interface. Due to its architecture, ConicIT doesn’t need to install any agents, and performs all of its calculations on the Linux box, without affecting your mainframe performance.

Unified UI for watching all of your performance data

With ConicIT you can see clear presentation of all performance graphs and tables, which can originate from different systems. You can easily see historical variables, see the normal behavior versus the actual behavior of each metric, compare between different metrics, and see detailed information about your system when you need to analyze some problem.

Quick and easy configuration

ConicIT is easy to configure, since it provides easy way to parse mainframe screens, and allows easy configuration of any required logic and calculations. Since ConicIT has powerful algorithms for recognizing anomalies, you don’t need to investigate and define static threshold.

Conic IT generates calculated-variables

ConicIT has endless abilities for processing the data and for creating calculated metrics. ConicIT can send Splunk both the raw metrics from the mainframe and these calculated metrics. Such metrics can be ratios between variables, rate in which some variables are changing (e.g. CPU-Time), or any other calculated variables that you need. Thus, it makes your Splunk analytics much easier to write and much more meaningful. • Alerts from ConicIT are also sent to Splunk.

Fetching data from various sources

ConicIT is not limited for mainframe data, and can bring data from various sources in order to analyze it and in order to send the data to Splunk.

Alerts from conic IT to various targets

ConicIT provides few channels for receiving its proactive performance alerts. Now ConicIT can also send alerts also by Splunk. Today you can receive the alerts through any of the following channels: – ConicWatch: Windows application running on your system tray and popping up any new alert – Alerts to Splunk – SNMP traps to your SNMP server – Alerts file – Web-service