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Early detection and proactive alerts on mainframe performance problem

ConicIT presents an AIOps solution that automatically recognizes performance problems at their very early stages, allowing you to save valuable time, money, and most important helping you to keep performance within the required SLA levels. ConicIT is using state of the art technology in order to automatically recognize performance problems at their early stages. In contrary to traditional alerts system that are using static thresholds, ConicIT is using dynamic thresholds combined with machine learning technologies for recognizing deviations from normal behavior. ConicIT is studying the typical behavior of your mainframe or open system per day and per hour, and can recognize when a performance problem starts to evolve. With ConicIT, you get the alert when the system still seems to be functioning well, much before the performance problems become acute, and much before it has effect on your business. Typically, when performance problem starts, it gradually affects more and more metrics, making it harder to analyze. The early detection of the problem with ConicIT along with the clear presentation of relevant information helps you to quickly find the root cause of the problem and to resolve it before it escalates.

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clear visualization

ConicIT is not only about alerts, but also a about great visualization of all performance-rated data which are processed and presented in the most clear and concise way. No more manual digging into monitor commands, no more manual comparison between dozens of metrics, no more wasting time on writing special applications for processing trivial performance data. With ConicIT you get a friendly web site which provides you with all the information that you need regarding the performance of your system, and only the information you need. You can click on the type of information you want, and get clear tables summarizing all relevant data. You can get tables that summarize information, or you can dig in for more detailed tables. You can see graphs showing the fluctuations of the metrics through time, or even see graphs that compare between different variables. When watching a graph you’ll also see a green range around the curve, showing the typical range that this variable had in previous weeks in the same hour and same day of the week. In many instances one table in ConicIT web-application is a combination of many variables from many different screens in standard monitor tools. Without ConicIT, you would have to waste a lot of time to get the full picture, and often it’s not even feasible. For example, if your monitor brings you CPU-time of started-tasks or of transactions, ConicIT can translate it into real-time CPU based on the rate in which the CPU-time changes through time.

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ConicIT is not coming instead of system Z performance monitors (such as Sysview, TMON, Omegamon, and others). In fact ConicIT usually receives its data from such monitors, by sending them request once a minute, and parsing the required values out of their responses. You can think of ConicIT as your bright personal.

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analysing z/os mainframe performance without affecting performance

In ConicIT we know that system resources are expensive, and we believe that software that aims to protect you from overload must not add load to your system. ConicIT is agent-less and virtually has no effect on the load of your mainframe. ConicIT can run on a separated Linux machine, and connects to the monitors of your mainframe with TN3270, just like a regular user of TMON, Sysview, Omegamon or others. Thus, the effect on your mainframe is negligible.

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save money and mips

ConicIT helps you to identify z/OS performance problems much sooner than before and helps you to dramatically reduce the time required for analyzing such problems once recognized. It has three implications:

  • Wasting less hours per month in analyzing performance problems
  • Lower MIPS consumption, due to identifying of problems you wouldn’t even notice even in the long run, and also due to solving problems at their early stages
  • Preventing downtime of your mainframe z/OS

In addition, ConicIT can also alert on PSLC terms (e.g. when the MSU of production LPAR is not high enough compared to the total usage). ConicIT can inspect and guard on any type of variable, including (and not limited to) CPU (of any entities such as LPAR, CICS, PLEX, or started task), transaction-rate, response-time, IO-rate, memory consumption, DB2 variables, resources-wait and locks, length of queues and many more.

personal design

ConicIT is highly customizable. It’s not only that we configure ConicIT to adapt to the configuration of your Z system, but we can add new abilities and tailor ConicIT to support new types of variables and new types of calculation within few days from request. ConicIT comes with a very powerful configuration tool and plugin-scripts, which allow us to fit our software for your needs. We can sample and inspect any type of data you need, from any type of source, we can add any type of smart calculations on variables and any type of alerts.